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HexEffect, LLC is a privately owned company based in Bellbrook, Ohio. It was formed in 2013 by an engineer who enjoys figuring out how software systems work and who likes developing tools to make that process easier.


We have experience in a wide range of cyber fields, from developing compilers and encryption tools to Android hacking, hardware reverse engineering, and network software development. We have done work for both commercial and government organizations.

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Jason Raber
Founder and CEO
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Jason has been reverse engineering and developing cyber tools for over a decade. He has significant experience in extracting intellectual property from a broad spectrum of software including user applications, DLLs, drivers, OS kernels, and firmware, on a variety of platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac, embedded). He has also worked on identifying and analyzing malware to characterize it and/or neutralize it. He has developed several tools over the years, presenting them at industry conferences including Black Hat and REcon.