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Reverse Engineering
Quick Response Malware Unpacking

We use our years of experience and a variety of custom software tools to give our customers the answers they need quickly. Unlike most existing commercial and open source analysis tools, ours are focused on stealth and on getting around static protections like obfuscation. They help us get to heart of advanced malware quickly and provide you an unpacked malware binary ready for analysis. This is critical if you are concerned about cost effective mitigation strategies.

Deep Dive Malware Analysis

We provide a “cut to the chase” forensic approach to malware identification, characterization, and severity assessment. We employ a static and dynamic analysis of a computer’s files and operating system. We then document any suspicious artifacts, files, or malware found. Since we employ sophisticated forensic techniques in a cost effective fashion, our service quickly provides our customers with a “forest vs. trees” picture of the threat if it's present on their system.

Software Protection Assessment

We've spent years analyzing software protections to see what works best. Along the way we've also learned how to break every protection we've come across. If you are a software protection vendor and you want to see how your solution performs against an experienced adversary, we can help you out. On the other hand, if you have high value software you'd like to protect we can help you develop an effective (and cost effective) protection strategy.

If you would like to know more about any of our services, please contact us!

Tool Development
Effective tools help us get work done faster, and we think making them is fun.

We have experience developing analysis and exploitation tools for Windows, Linux, and the Mac OS. We can create anything from simple scripts to custom kernel modules and complex GUI applications. We've even written a web app or two.

Some of the low-level tools we've written are discussed more on our Tools page.